The Money Box Game

Expand, Challenge and Change Your Relationship With Money!

The Money Box Game is designed to release you from negative associations and beliefs around wealth and money. Plus help you identify what matters to you in life. 

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The Next Money Box Game Starts May 1st 2021


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  • Have you inherited beliefs around money that no longer serve you?
  • Do you struggle with low self-worth or the right to be successful?
  • Do you have financial security but you still carry feelings of fear or emptiness?
  • Do you worry deep down you couldn't handle large amounts of money?
  • Do you long to find out what really matters to you?

If you've answered Yes to any of these questions, we've designed The Money Box Game for you...


What Others Say


What I found most interesting was that I feel my thirst for more money has diminished with this ???? and now I have  a clearer vision of what matters to me.

Birna Dröfn Birgisdóttir


I found the Money Box Game incredible powerful in expanding my own programme around money and in getting rid of old programmes around money that are not healthy for me or suit me in my own life. I highly recommend playing this game.

Hlíf Sturludóttir



Amazing experience of expansion, fun and community. Daily living became much less stressed and I now see money as a real game and not something to control or to worry about. 

Yvonne Halling

Bed and Breakfast Coach


The Money Box game has made me think really hard about my relationship with money, and what I want to exchange my money for. It has touched on values, responsibility, solutions to the world's problems and so much more. Highly recommend it for anybody who has ever had hang-ups about money (or the lack of it) or who is simply curious to know more about themselves and their money story. Thank you Nick and Runa

Sue Daly


I found The Money Box Game a game changer, you learn so much about yourself and how you show up in the world and how you want to change your world and the lives of others. 

Misti Bliss



Interestingly for the first time in years I am now debt free having paid my final chunk off my credit card, and had the busiest month in clinic for a long while during this strange year and times! Thank you thank you thank you xxx

Christie Petrucha-Rourke

Yoga Teacher

The Money Box Game has been thoughtfully designed with scientific research behind it to unearth limiting beliefs and old patterns that are standing in the way of a healthy relationship with money.

The 5 Reasons The Money Box Game Creates Positive Change!

1. The Money Box Game encourages positive conversations about money.

Previous participants reported that they were able to have better conversations about money with their partner and family members due to the game.

They also reported they got to know their partner better in terms of what mattered to them.

This is important as a third of adults with partners report that money is a big source of conflict in their relationships, a leading cause of divorce/separation

2. We're rewiring your brain for wealth, health and happiness.

Studies have shown that our unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real and imaginary, which is why our heart rate and perspiration increase when we watch a horror movie. Playing this positive imaginary game over 30 days will start to rewire your brain, reduce stress and expand what you perceive is possible for you in terms of wealth


The Money Box Game stimulates the release of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones help us bond, invoke trust and lift our mood, and as the game progresses create positive associations with helping others and cooperation.

The game is also designed to be fun and reduce our stress about money and in doing so decreases the stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine all of which improve immune response and our mental and physical health.

4.  The Money Box Game improves our self-worth and Our relationship with money.

By interacting with other people who are spending large amounts of money, it starts to feel normal to be wealthy and rich and so we release self-limiting beliefs.

You also get to experiment being a certain way. It's like trying on a new outfit and seeing if it suits you in a safe and friendly environment!

5. Expanding our horizons and what we perceive to be possible.

According to self-expansion theory, one benefit of relationships is that we can gain new knowledge and experiences by spending time with someone else.

Research has shown that people are more likely to see self-expansion opportunities when interacting with someone who is similar, rather than dissimilar, to them. Sharing a common goal within The Money Box Game increases similarities and activates each individual's self-expansion and confidence. 

How You Play The Money Box Game

The Money Box Game is played over 21 Days within a Curated Community.

On day 1 each participant is given $10 of imaginary money to spend on something. All you have to do is report back to the group what you've spent the imaginary money on. The next day the money is doubled and again you have to report back your imaginary spending.

This doubling continues until the game finishes on day 21 with over 10 million dollars to spend. No saving is allowed or buying shares/bonds or trust funds etc.

Participants are allowed to collaborate, pool resources or give their money to another participant in The Money Box Game. We encourage you to play this game with partners, family, friends and coworkers. Open communication will help you understand the unique perspectives each of us carry. You can unblock your limitations about money in your relationships and collectively envision a life as our most authentic selves.

From there, anything is possible.

Each week there is a live group call with extra support and input from the co-creators of The No More Boxes Movement -  Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines.

Here’s How To Win The Money Box Game!

  • By Connecting:  Get to meet and connect with new people from all around the world. 
  • By Knowing You Can: Get to feel really comfortable and at ease handling large sums of money.
  • By Talking: Have a deep, fun and meaningful conversation about money and what matters. 
  • By Illumination: The Money Box Game allows you to see exactly what matters to you. 
  • By Rediscovery: The Money Box Game allows you to rediscover high levels of creativity.  
  • By Freedom:  Release yourself from fears and doubts about how it is to be wealthy.
  • By Bravery: Be bold with how you spend your (imaginary) money!
  • By Worthiness: Learn to receive and give in equal measure.  Everyone Wins!
  • By Finishing: Play all 21 days and you’ve finished what you started. 
  • By Commitment: Commit yourself to a cause that lifts your spirit and opens your heart.
  • By Growth: The Money Box Game allows you to step outside your known world. 
  • By Self-Discovery: Know yourself like never before by playing The Money Box Game. 

The Money Box Game: You Can’t Lose You Can Only Win… Join us. 

What Others Say & Having Fun Along The Way


The Money Box Game gave me the freedom and ability to see all the endless opportunities without hindrance.

Ægir Ingólfsson



The playing that I have done has helped me to realise what I value and how I would like to spend money improving the world yet it has also highlighted to me a number of behaviours/patterns that I fall into.

Teresa Allewell



The Money Box Game is a simple, powerful way to see, feel and shift your attitudes about money. In a nutshell, it's perfect for where we are now and where we're most likely headed. Highly recommended.

Matthew Newnham

Branding Expert

The Next Money Box Game Starts May 1st 2021

You can join The Money Box Game at two levels. Level One you get to play the game with all the other participants, plus you get a recording of the Live Masterclass. As a Level Two Player you get to play The Money Box Game and be part of the Live Masterclass, which includes the benefit of participating in Mastermind Breakout Rooms! 

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Level One Player

Get all the amazing benefits of Playing The Money Box Game. 

  • Access to The Money Box Game
  • 21 Days of Play and Support 
  • Interactive Playbook & Materials
  • Recording of the Live Sessions




Level Two Player

Get all the amazing benefits of playing The Money Box Game, plus a seat on the live masterclass and mastermind.   

  • Access to The Money Box Game
  • 21 Days of Play and Support 
  • Interactive Playbook & Materials
  • A Seat on the Live Sessions
  • Recording of the Live Sessions

Your Hosts & The Creators of The Money Box Game

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines, founder of the Five Institute, creator of The Vitality Test and co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement. 

An entrepreneur, international speaker, author, strategist and teacher. Over the last 40 years, Nick has conducted over 50,000 one on one consultations, worked with large corporations like Cisco, NHS hospitals, educational institutes and international governments. 

Rúna Magnús

Rúna Magnúsdóttir, founder The Change Makers co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement.  

Rúna is a lifetime entrepreneur, a life and leadership coach-mentor and a strategist for leaders, change-makers and politicians. Building their personal brand with joy, integrity and passion, enabling them to make a real difference in their world.


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